Residential Properties Committed to Selling Pieces of the Past

12/02/13 by Stephen Readey

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – With its corporate office located on the East Side of Providence, Residential Properties Ltd. has always been in touch with Rhode Island’s rich history and classic blend of architectural styles. As evidence, RPL has announced the sale of nine historic properties since the start of the year, all of which were built between the dates of 1774 and 1855. 

Recognized as the state’s largest independent real estate company, RPL consistently sells more historic East Side properties than anyone else in the business. 

This success can be attributed to the company’s talented cast of agents, who are equipped with a strong understanding of historic architectural design, as well as the unique nature of marketing such properties. 

In fact, many RPL agents have completed specialized training offered by the Providence Preservation Society (PPS) to earn certification as Historic House Specialists.

RPL Branch Manager Ed Hardie, who is also an active member and volunteer at PPS, explained the importance of the training. “In order to show potential buyers the architectural examples that make Providence unique, agents need to completely understand historic homes, whether it’s a Greek Revival, Georgian, or Italianate. In addition, agents need to be familiar with local, state, and national regulations within historic districts.”

Residential Properties’ list of historic homes sold in 2013 included:

43 Benefit Street
93 Benefit Street
118 Benefit Street
120 Congdon Street
144 Congdon Street
2 George Street
134 Power Street
15 Sheldon Street
143 Williams Street

These homes each tell their own tales which weave their way through early American history all the way up to the modern day. As an example, the property at 15 Sheldon Street, known as the Daniel Stillwell House, was once occupied by American author Edward Irving Wortis. Better known by his pen name “Avi,” Wortis used the home as a basis for the location of many of his books, including the award-winning “Something Upstairs.” 

“Since Residential Properties has been in existence, it has remained committed to helping sellers transfer these special historic properties to new owners who appreciate the unique historic relevance and significance of preserving buildings in our community,” says Hardie. “These fabulous old houses and historic buildings rely on all of us to guarantee their continuing history for years and generations to come.”

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